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SIAT SRL is a leading company in the manufacturing and marketing of cleaning items and products for household, automobiles and in the professional field alike.

Established in 1986, SIAT Srl and the registered trademark GAMEX® stem from decades of experience by founder Sauro Gamenoni in the field of manufacturing and production of nonwoven fabric home cleaning articles.

Over the years, GAMEX® brand products have become renowned both in Italy and in the rest of the world. Synonymous with quality and professionalism, efficiency and guaranteed performance, these products save time and effort.

The goal of GAMEX® brand is to offer a wide range of cleaning products designed to obtain excellent results with minimal effort, and much more. In fact, with the use of innovative materials, such as microfiber, work is less strenuous and fewer detergents are used, with a consequential reduced impact on the environment.

That is how SIAT innovation fosters the continuous improvement of its products to anticipate the future needs of clients.

SIAT SRL offers a full array of products ranging from the Mop to floor cloths, all-purpose cloths, dust catcher systems, imitation chamois and microfiber cloths.

SIAT SRL relies on cutting-edge technology for the production of its articles and the entirely automated production process minimizes human error. Each phase of production is constantly monitored and supervised: from the analysis of raw materials to processing, quality control and goods handling.

The outcome is high performance products.